Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Joint press release with GAFA regarding High Peak Borough Council meeting

We have issued a joint press release with Glossopdale Action for Allotments (GAFA) about last month's meeting with High Peak Borough Council about allotment provision, and it is reproduced below:

Campaigners are calling for a further show of people power as they seek to persuade council chiefs to act quickly and provide Glossopdale with more allotments.

Two voluntary organisations, Dig Hadfield (DH) and Glossopdale Action for Allotments (GAFA), have been challenged by High Peak Borough Council to identify suitable sites in the area to meet burgeoning demand for allotments.

The Council is thought to have over 100 people on a waiting list and has a statutory duty to provide a sufficient quantity of plots. At present, Jordan Street is the only Council run allotment site in Glossopdale and has a long waiting list. Any other allotment sites in the Borough are privately run or let by Parish Councils.

Mark Alix of GAFA said: "Both groups want the council to provide a larger number of smaller allotment sites, in both Glossop and Hadfield. Last summer, our petition attracted over 450 signatures, all of whom we will be contacting during February to confirm that they remain interested.

"Both groups are delighted with the number of people who are on board and with the progress being made, but I can't help feeling there is more interest out there", he added.

A spokesperson from Dig Hadfield added: "We now have a dialogue with the Council and they have been left in no doubt as to the level of demand out there but at the moment, nothing is on the table for Hadfield.

"The Council has challenged us to suggest sites we consider suitable for allotments in both Hadfield, Tintwistle and Glossop, and we need to hear from readers who have feasible suggestions.

"It's incredibly important that anybody who is interested gets in touch without delay", he urged.

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